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Climate Adaptation Initiatives Around the Globe

This map of climate adaptation initiatives is a work-in-progress. We hope you will contribute to this map, helping to showcase many more climate adaptation initiatives underway in the province. 

Why is this important? In each of our communities, it helps to know the who, what, and where of adaptation initiatives, across sectors, professional disciplines, and hazard-type (e.g. floods, fires, droughts, sea-level rise, etc.). This helps in connecting with others with similar interests. It motivates connections across multiple perspectives, initiatives, and regions, all of which are important for building climate change resilience in our communities.

Featured Contributions

Dustin Carey

Northeast Climate Risk Project

Zac Abelson Experimental garden at U of T Mississauga explores how plants will adapt to climate change


Send your contributions of climate adaptation initiatives in BC through our Contact form
Please include: name of the project, location, and a link that provides detail of the project or regional initiative.