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A person walking in the forest

Building a competency model for Adaptation to Climate Change

September 30, 2019. TeamFit published an article about the design of a competency model for Adaptation to Climate Change.

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Dr Robin Cox

Competencies for Adaptation to Climate Change: An interview with Dr. Robin Cox

October 21, 2019. Robin Cox spoke with Steven Forth, Co-Founder of TeamFit, about the competency model for Climate Change Adaptation.

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Participants at the climate adaptation workshop

The Challenge Dialogue Workshop

June 11, 2019. The Challenge Dialogue Workshop brought together over 50 climate change adaptation influencers from across BC.

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Adapting to Climate Change

RRU funded to lead $2-million climate change adaptation project

March 6, 2019. The project, led by the ResiliencebyDesign Lab, initiated in January 2019.

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Robin Cox

Cox: Global reconciliation key to climate action

June 24, 2019. Dr. Robin Cox, delivered the keynote presentation "Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience" in Mexico City. 

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Robin Cox, Marsha Wagner and Dutch Consul-General Henk Snoeken

Learning from Dutch innovations to address Canadian climate challenges

August 26, 2019. Dr. Robin Cox participated in a roundtable with the Dutch climate consultant Marsha Wagner and climate experts. 

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