Research on Climate Adaptation in BC

Examples of Climate Adaptation Research Papers 

Islam, S. UI., Curry, C. L., Déry S. J., & Zwiers, F. W., (2019). Quantifying projected changes in runoff variability and flow regimes of the Fraser River Basin, British ColumbiaHydrology and Earth System Sciences, 23, 811-828.
Kirchmeier-Young, M. C., Gillet, N. P., Zwiers, F. W., Cannon, A. J., & Anslow, F. S., (2019). Attribution of the Influence of Human‐Induced Climate Change on an Extreme Fire Season, Advancing Earth And Science Space, 7:1, 2-10.
Graham, A., & Mitchell, C. L., (2016). The role of boundary organizations in climate change adaptation from the perspective of municipal practitioners. Climatic Change, 139:3-4, 385-395, 
Nelson, H. W., Williamson, T. B., Macaulay, C., & Mahony, C. (2016). Assessing the potential for forest management practitioner participation in climate change adaptation. Forest Ecology and Management, 360, 388-299,
Baynham, M., & Stevens, M. (2014). Are we planning effectively for climate change? An evaluation of official community plans in British Columbia, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 57:4, 557-587, DOI: 10.1080/09640568.2012.756805
Shaw, A., Burch, S., Kristensen, F., Robinson, J., & Dale, A. (2014). Accelerating the sustainability transition: Exploring synergies between adaptation and mitigation in British Columbian communities. Global Environmental Change, 25, 41-51,
Picketts, I.M., Déry, S. J., & Curry, J. A., (2014). Incorporating climate change adaptation into local plansJournal of Environmental Planning and Management, 57:7, 984-1002, DOI: 10.1080/09640568.2013.776951
Picketts, I.M., Curry, J. & Rapaport, E. (2012). Community Adaptation to Climate Change: Environmental Planners' Knowledge and Experiences in British Columbia, Canada, Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, 14:2, 119-137, DOI: 10.1080/1523908X.2012.659847
Picketts, I.M., Werner, T.A., Murdock, T. Q., Curry, J., Déry, S. J., & Dyer, D. (2012). Planning for climate change adaptation: lessons learned from a community-based workshopJournal of Environmental Policy & Planning, 17, 82-93, DOI: 10.1016/j.envsci.2011.12.011
Wolf J. (2011) Climate Change Adaptation as a Social Process. In: Ford J., Berrang-Ford L. (eds) Climate Change Adaptation in Developed Nations. Advances in Global Change Research, vol 42. Springer, Dordrecht
Burch, S., (2010). Transforming barriers into enablers of action on climate change: Insights from three municipal case studies in British Columbia, Canada. Global Environmental Change, 20:2, 287-297.

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