Competencies for Adaptation to Climate Change: An interview with Dr. Robin Cox

Submitted by Magaly Palacios | published 11th Nov 2019 | last updated 5th Jul 2020

Competency framework

In October 21, 2019, Ibbaka published an interview between Steven Forth, Co-Founder of Ibbaka, and Dr. Robin Cox about the development of a competency model for Climate Change Adaptation.   

Here is an excerpt: 

"A competency model can connect communities, help to build expertise and even create new professions

At Ibbaka we are supporting the work of the ResiliencebyDesign (RbD) team at Royal Roads University in their development of a competency model for Adaptation to Climate Change. This team, led by Dr. Robin Cox, has been commissioned to design a competency model for adaptation to climate change as part of the Adaptation Learning Network project. 

In an earlier post, we looked at Architecting the Competencies for Adaptation to Climate Change Open Competency Model. Here we speak with Dr. Cox to get her insights into her vision for this important work". |  Read the full story on Ibbaka website