Nigel Deans

Research Coordinator, RbD Innovation Lab

Nigel Deans is Research Coordinator for the ResiliencebyDesign (RbD) Innovation Lab, which houses this and other research projects exploring the complex relationships between people and the climate. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Victoria.

Nigel’s interest in climate change adaptation stems from his first-hand experience of disaster. Following the flooding in southern Alberta, and his hometown of High River, in 2013, he and his family were evacuated and spent two weeks living with nearby friends and relatives. In the following months and years, he witnessed the lasting impact of the Southern Alberta floods on the people and places affected by them. His love of nature, experience with the impacts of climate change, and grounding in the behavioural sciences have since grown into a passion for the environment, focused on the extreme risks of our changing climate.

Nigel is an avid backpacker, and recently concluded over a year of living and working in the mountains of Perú by solo-trekking a 130 km circuit in the Cordillera Huayhuash, during the area’s wet season. Despite camping at an altitude of between 4000 m and 4500 m every night, he’s never had a better night’s sleep.