Roger Street

Research Associate

For over 35 years, Roger has engaged in providing and improving knowledge and evidence that can support adaptation planning and implementation in Europe, North America and the Pacific-Asia Region. Through working with policy and decision-makers, knowledge and data providers, researchers and funders he focuses on enhancing the relevance and quality of that available to guide and support actions.


List of Climate Adaptation Platforms

Please find below a list of platforms working with the KE4CAP project to share knowledge and expertise across the community. 

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EU-Australia knowledge exchange event: Services and science supporting climate action

This report provides lessons learned from a KE4CAP perspective as a result of an EU-Australia bilateral workshop focused on developing and using web-based resources to inform climate action.

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The KE4CAP Project

The Stepping-Up Knowledge Exchange between Climate Adaptation Knowledge Platforms project provides a forum for platform teams to learn from each other and work together to address challenges.

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