Michael Boyland

Research Fellow

Michael Boyland is a Research Fellow at SEI Asia working on climate change, disasters and development. Michael also leads the International Centre of Excellence on Transforming Development and Disaster Risk, awarded by the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) programme and hosted by SEI.

Since joining SEI in 2014, Michael has been working to better understand the connections between disaster risk, climate change and development, and how societies can enact transformations for more equitable, resilient and sustainable development. His work also focuses on the gender and social equity dimensions of risk and resilience, for example through understanding how women, children and ethnic minorities are particularly at risk to climate change and disasters. Michael researches these issues across Southeast Asia, with a focus on the Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar. Michael is a recognized IRDR Young Scientist, and he holds a Master’s degree (distinction) in Disasters, Adaptation and Development, awarded by King’s College London.

People hanging washing in informal settlement

A Framework for transforming the relationship between development and disaster risk

Part of the IRDR working paper series, this paper lays out a framework for transforming the relationship between development and disaster risk.

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