University of British Columbia: Okanagan

Food & Water Security



With Dr. Joanne Taylor           Course Hours: 10
Next Offered: 01-Mar-21               Price: $325+GST

Royal Roads University

Natural Asset Management



WITH Roy Brooke                       COURSE HOURS: 12
NEXT OFFERED: 01-feb-21               PRICE: $325+GST
Royal Roads University

The Financial Impact of

Climate Change

WITH Todd Thexton                   COURSE HOURS: 12
NEXT OFFERED: 22-Feb-21               PRICE: $325+GST


Royal Roads University

Climate Change

Adaptation Fundamentals


With Dr. Stewart Cohen          Course Hours: 12
Next Offered: 22-Mar-21               Price: $325+GST

Royal Roads University

Project Management for a

Changing Climate


WITH Susan Todd                        COURSE HOURS: 12
NEXT OFFERED: 22-feb-21               PRICE: $325+GST
Vancouver Island University

Intro to Climate Policy for

Climate Adaptation Professionals

WITH Michele Patterson         COURSE HOURS: 12
NEXT OFFERED: 01-MAR-21               PRICE: $395+GST


University of Northern British Columbia

Wildfire Risk Mitigation



With Che EtkiN                           Course Hours: TBD
Next Offered: TBD                                     Price: TBD

Simon Fraser University

Strategic Dialogue and Civic

Engagement for Climate Adaptation

WITH Olive Dempsey                   COURSE HOURS: 24
NEXT OFFERED: 10-MAR-21          PRICE: $713.33+GST
University of Victoria

Ecosystems for the Future



WITH THomas Munson               COURSE HOURS: 18
NEXT OFFERED: 26-Apr-21               PRICE: $275+GST


Simon Fraser University

Green Infrastructure in

Urban Centres


With Dr. Joanna Ashworth   Course Hours: 12
Next Offered: 15-Feb-21               Price: $399+GST

University of British Columbia: Vancouver

Climate Modelling and

Forest Adaptation


WITH Dr. Tongli Wang              COURSE HOURS: 20
NEXT OFFERED: TBD                         PRICE: $650+GST