Brigit Forssman

Interim Project Coordinator

Brigit Forssman photoBrigit Forssman is the Interim Project Coordinator, providing day-to-day coordination of the project including logistical support, network building, and communication with our stakeholders. Brigit holds a Diploma of Tourism: Adventure Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Management from Capilano University. Brigit also has a background in Anthropology and Gender Studies.

Brigit has spent time as a Grizzly Bear naturalist and interpretive guide on Vancouver Island north coast and BC's central coast and has witnessed firsthand the undeniable effects of climate change on sensitive ecosystems. Since her years in the remote regions of the province, she has worked in environmental education focusing on youth engagement. Brigit's interest has been in facilitating young people's relationships with their local wild space to try to give them a more intimate understanding of the flora and fauna that surrounds them. The hope is this deeper relationship with nature will deepen young people's want to save it. Brigit holds a certificate in nature-based counseling from Royal Roads University and uses the principles of place-based education and nature therapy in her interpretive practice.

Brigit is an avid outdoors person who loves to spend time hiking, snowboarding, surfing, and sailing as much of beautiful British Columbia as she can.